Who I Am
Transcending Pathways
My name is Tim Dougherty, and it has been my honor, with the help of my Guides, to assist my clients in
discovering what prevents them from experiencing their fullest experience of Self.

I have been working with people professionally, using various healing modalities since the early ‘90s.  My
goal has always been to assist each person in finding the pathway in their life which provides the greatest
expression of their personal freedom.  This is why, in 2004, I gave my work in the healing world the name.
Transcending Pathways.

Like many others, as a child I lived in a world full of anger, fear and uncertainty, oftentimes not knowing
from minute to minute the extent to which my body, mind and spirit would be abused.  I spent a large part
of my teen and young adult years keeping the secret of my childhood, all the while unconsciously acting out
what I had been taught my ‘role’ was in life.

Out of an instinctive Knowing, I started searching for the reason Why.  I feel that if not for my strong
connection with God, I would never have been able to see through the darkness.  I was guided to amazing
teachers, and most incredible of all, my inner teacher, the part of me that is intimately connected with the
Heart of God. My life began in a very dark place, and now I live each day feeling blessed and honored for
every breath.  I live a simple life, with a beautiful wife and three amazing children, two goofy and loving
dogs, and a family of friends I love dearly.  Most importantly, I get to do my Soul’s work every day,
honored by each person who chooses my work to find their own inner I Am.

For more information about my journey please read the article written by Barbara Balkin
More about my work and, how I explain a session
I have never been able to answer the same way twice. The truth is I have never really given it a lot of thought
I just know it works and it brings people closer to freedom. I have called myself a Channel but that’s also a
bit of a copout because all that means is what I do comes through me, not from me. I have even had an
article written about me that was “supposed” to help people understand my work better. Still, I’m unable to
really answer this question in a way that I feel is adequate.

So here it is, I step out of the way and my Guide to communicates to your Guides in a way that allows me to
truly understand your Soul or Essence. This is the part of you that holds the intention for your life as a
Whole. Then we talk, yes that’s it, we talk.
I know that I can’t heal you, at least not in a way that will help you evolve and truly see who you really are.
Only you can do that. I appreciate and seek assistance from Healers who can channel energy in a way that
lifts you up out of the dark and offers a respite. Even though there is value in that I don’t connect with it in
my work.

We talk, it only takes a second or maybe less to see your essence through my Guide. It feels the same way it
feels to you to see a dog or a tree and know that it is a dog or a tree. There is no fan fair or magic in what I
do, only a developed skill to see past myself and quiet my ego enough to experience my Guide. I get in
trouble with that last statement at times, I have even had friends or clients who could just not accept that I’m
no more gifted than they are to the point that it eventually ends or damages the relationship because I refuse
to be on anyone’s pedestal.

We talk, I ask you to talk about what you feel is keeping you stuck. People talk about all sorts of things like
relationships, disease, problems sleeping, being unhappy, negative self-talk, intimacy issues, chronic pain,
substance abuse, loss, really anything. As you talk I listen for the places where your definitions of you, your
situation, your story differ from your essence. Finally, we talk, I work with you by giving you examples,
stories, questions, parables, etc…. until we have been able to find your essence through your ego’s reality.
We work together to find triggers or activities you can use in life after the session, these are the “Tools”. The
reality is I’m simply guiding you back to the place where you know that you are already Healed.
The truth is you’re doing all the work because this is your life to Own. If you go to someone who can “tell
you all the answers” then they are doing your work for you; and it will prevent you from evolving and keep
you in the cycle of dysfunction until you evolve and it will always be a little off because it is filtered through
their perspective.

In my work I help people to understand, remember, and believe that they are a unique, free, and healed
aspect of the Creator/God/Higher Power. We are walking a journey that can be hard and can present what
feel like insurmountable obstacles, each one of these struggles present us with a beautiful opportunity to
evolve our Divinity and Honor the God that we all are within.

I teach people how to see and feel Love for who they are no matter how that manifests in Freedom and
without judgment.